Consultation on remote key equipment

Closed 26 Mar 2020

Opened 30 Jan 2020


In exercising our functions, we aim always to uphold the licensing objectives of keeping crime out of gambling, ensuring that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way and that children and vulnerable people are protected from being harmed or exploited by gambling.

In the Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP) condition 2 relates to technical standards, equipment specifications, remote gambling equipment and gambling software.

Licence condition 2.1.1 relates to remote casino, bingo and betting licences other than ancillary licences and remote betting intermediary (trading room only) licences.  It requires an operator wanting to add to or relocate key equipment to a different jurisdiction to apply to the Commission for a variation to the licence, under section 104 of the Act, before the changes are made.

Key events are notifications made to us by licence holders of matters that significantly impact their business. Key event requires licensees to report, amongst other matters, the change of location of key equipment within a jurisdiction.

Why your views matter

We are proposing that such a notification is no longer necessary as it has become clear over time that we do not routinely need to physically inspect key equipment and therefore we do not need to know the number of pieces of key equipment and their location. 

What we require for regulatory purposes is to be able to access data held on key equipment. As data storage moves more towards cloud-based facilities, the physical key equipment access provisions are becoming redundant.  In addition, we would retain the ability to access such equipment and/or request copies of data held on such equipment by virtue of licence condition 2.1.2.

As a proportionate regulator, we are committed to reducing the regulatory burden and as a result propose to remove these requirements as they do not appear necessary.  In accordance with Better Regulation principles, we strive to ensure that regulatory interventions are proportionate, targeted, fair and transparent.  In addition, we regulate licensees to deliver better outcomes for consumers and the wider public.

This consultation sets out the change we propose to make by removal of the relevant licence condition and so make it that we no longer require notification in relation to the relocation of key equipment within a jurisdiction. This would result in increased efficiency and a reduction in regulatory burden.


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