2023 Consultation on proposed changes related to financial penalties and financial key event reporting

Closes 15 Mar 2024

Responding to this consultation

Thank you for taking part in this consultation. This consultation document covers two areas of proposals, and each has a number of questions. You can choose to respond to either or both areas and any questions you wish to within those areas. You can choose to respond to each area in whichever order you wish. We will consider all responses.  

We ask that stakeholders respond to the consultation using the online survey. If you cannot submit online, responses can also be submitted by post to: Policy Team, Gambling Commission, 4th Floor, Victoria Square House, Birmingham, B2 4BP.

We may decide to publish the names of individuals (if responding in a personal capacity) or the organisations they are responding on behalf of on our website as part of the published response(s) to this consultation. In the survey, we ask you to indicate whether or not you provide consent to the Commission publishing:

  • your name, if you are responding in a personal capacity, or
  • the name of your organisation, if you are replying on their behalf.

If you provide consent, then this information may be placed on our website to provide information about who responded to the consultation exercises. Information about how the Gambling Commission processes your personal information, including a specific section on information we collect as part of a Gambling Commission consultation exercise, can be found in the Gambling Commission’s Privacy Policy.

The consultation will last for 13 weeks and will close on 15 March 2024.