Remote customer interaction - consultation on guidance document

Closes 23 Jan 2023


The Gambling Commission (the Commission) regulates most forms of commercial gambling in Great Britain. In this role, the Commission sets requirements for gambling businesses to conduct customer interaction in order to identify and protect customers at risk of harm. This forms part of a wider programme of work by the Commission to drive and support industry best practice in identifying customers at risk of harm and taking action to reduce the risk of harm, in support of the third licensing objective to ‘protect children and the vulnerable from being harmed or exploited by gambling’.

The Commission recently introduced new, more prescriptive, customer interaction requirements for remote operators, and the majority of these came into effect on 12 September 2022.

This consultation relates to proposed guidance on these new requirements. We are keen to hear from stakeholders about any experiences of the implementation of the new requirements and about any ways in which the proposed guidance could be improved.

Responding to the consultation

Thank you for taking part in this consultation. We ask that stakeholders respond to the consultation using the online survey on our website, although responses can also be submitted by post to: Policy Team, Gambling Commission, 4th Floor, Victoria Square House, Birmingham, B2 4BP. 

In the survey, we have asked you to indicate whether or not you provide consent to the Commission publishing:

  • your name, if you are responding in a personal capacity, or
  • the name of your organisation, if you are replying on their behalf.

If you provide consent this information may be placed on our website to provide information about who responded to the consultation exercise.

Information about how the Gambling Commission processes your personal information, including a specific section on information we collect as part of a Gambling Commission consultation exercise, can be found in the Gambling Commission’s Privacy Policy.

We originally indicated that this consultation will last for 6 weeks. However, recognising that this timeframe will include the holiday period, we have decided to extend the time period further.

This consultation will therefore last for approximately 9 weeks and will close on Monday 23 January 2023.

Issues not addressed in this consultation

This consultation relates to guidance on SR Code Provision 3.4.3. The following issues are not within the scope of this consultation exercise:

  • the requirements of SR Code Provision 3.4.3 itself.
  • matters associated with unaffordable gambling and the specific thresholds which should apply. The Commission has committed to a separate consultation on the three key financial risks which it has identified in that context: significant unaffordable losses over a short period (binge gambling), significant unaffordable losses over a sustained period, and customers who are particularly financially vulnerable.
  • matters associated with sharing data across operators to identify customers at risk of harm, which is often referred to as a ‘single customer view’. Information about the Commission’s work on a single customer view is available on the Commission’s website.

Next steps

The Commission will consider the responses received in relation to this consultation before making a fresh decision on guidance on SR Code Provision 3.4.3 and on the timetable for implementing such guidance.

Irrespective of this consultation, requirement 10 of SR Code Provision 3.4.3 will come into force on 12 February 2023 in any event.

First, please tell us a little bit about you to help us understand your perspective.

You may choose to answer some or all of the questions in this consultation.

1. What is your name?
2. What is your email address?
3. What is your organisation?
4. As part of this consultation, we may decide to publish your name (if you are responding in a personal capacity) or the name of your organisation (if you are responding on your organisation’s behalf) on our website to indicate you responded to this consultation. Do you provide your consent to these details being published?

Privacy Notice

The Commission's privacy notice is available on our website.

5. Tell us a little bit about you to help us understand your perspective. Are you:
6. How often do you gamble?
7. Have you gambled online in the past four weeks?
8. To what extent do you agree or disagree that in the past 12 months, you or someone close to you has experienced negative consequences as a result of your gambling?
9. To what extent do you agree or disagree that in the past 12 months, you have experienced negative consequences as a result of someone else's gambling?